Credit Policy




We would like your attention and cooperation in regards to our credit policy if the rarity of poor quality or damage occurs with any of our fine products. The following items are REQUIRED in order to properly process a credit with our company.

-   There are two inventory & shipping labels on each box. Both with our company name on them. Please provide us with pictures or copies of both. A sample of labels below (We cannot process a credit on a box where the labels are removed or discarded.)

-   Provide us with at least 3 pictures of any quality issue or damage where the issue is clearly visible to the untrained eye. Product must be in original packaging. As well as, 1 MANDATORY picture showing all of the stems of flowers from the box together, in a single image.

-   Provide details of the quantity and variety of the product you are requesting a credit on, in addition to the actual problem in writing via email (as the fax is not reliable)

If these items are not provided with your credit request, we may not be able to issue you a credit for the product in question. In order for us to be able to make a claim back to the farm for the flowers claimed, we ask that you provide us with the necessary information within 24 hours upon receiving the product. If your request exceeds this 24-hour window, credit may not be issued.

When you claim flowers purchased from EXCELLENT FLOWERS, you are acknowledging that the said products are still the property of EXCELLENT FLOWERS. Do not destroy or discard our flowers. We hold the right to request the product be returned to us or picked up by us. Any flowers discarded, destroyed, or unavailable for return / pick up for any reason will result in a non-issue of the requested credit for that product. Hand-written credit requests should be legible on some kind of company letterhead with your company information on it.

EXCELLENT FLOWERS does not accept any claims shipped via Air or FedEx. Once flowers are tendered to any shipping company, EXCELLENT FLOWERS, is no longer responsible or accountable for damages during transport, including smashed stems.

When the customer picks up the products directly from the warehouse (or sends a third-party to pick-up the products), EXCELLENT FLOWERS will deliver it/them prior to a complete check up with the person who picks up the order. As the customer checks and receives the product, the customer is accepting the quality and quantity of his purchase. EXCELLENT FLOWERS will not be responsible for any damages that may occur during the transportation of the product or future mishandling by the customer, and therefore, won't accept refunds for the products.

Disclaimer: Our clients understand that roses and flowers are naturally preserved and may have a  variation in size, shape, and color.