Why Ecuadorian roses are the best?

Why Ecuadorian roses are the best?

Why Ecuadorian roses are the best?

It is well-known fact that Ecuadorian roses are highly appreciated throughout the world. So let’s unravel a secret of their popularity. 

Ecuador is a country located on the equator, which is considered a privileged area for roses growth due to its highlands, weather and sunlight. Furthermore, volcanic water and fertile soil allowed large quantities of roses to be produced throughout the year.

Why Ecuadorian roses

Ecuadorian roses are mostly planted on the slopes of the Andes mountains, at heights more than 2000 m and 3000 m. Throughout the year in these regions, temperatures are around 14°C - 15°C, so this became a stable weather for roses grow.

Ecuadorian roses exporter

Roses delivered from Ecuador are different from other countries roses due to the thickness of roses petals, longer stems and durability. They have a benefit as longer life compared to roses grown in other parts of the world.


Ecuadorian roses for exportation

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