What color preserved roses should I choose for the gift?

What color preserved roses should I choose for the gift?

As you know we are producers of preserved roses and we have our own laboratory in Cayambe, Ecuador with all special equipment and qualified workers. 

Our sales managers always get requests what color of preserved roses better to choose for the gift. The truth is the color you choose when sending preserved roses really does matter. 

Every flower color has their own meaning so today we want to share with you our knowledge and experience with any particular flower’s colors. Here is a quick guide on color meaning to help you determine which color roses are best for your gift.


Red roses indicate romance or love and that is why, it is not always appropriate to give red roses to someone you’re first meeting or someone who you do not know well enough. Red roses are perfect for marriage proposal, wedding anniversaries or without any reason to give for the beloved one.


Pink is a color of admiration, appreciation, joy and happiness. It is usually associated with baby girls, young woman and new mothers. The pink color also associated with hope and starting something new and nice, it could be new romantic relationship or even friendship. It is so usual to give as a gift pink roses to female friends or mother. They are perfect for the first date, romance, baby show, new mother, friends.

pink roses


Yellow roses usually symbolise happiness and joy, they are intended to improve the mood of somebody who is suffering after a loss or sad event. They also can be given as the sentiment of “feel better soon”. It is the perfect color as a gift for friends. However, in some Slavic countries yellow roses are also symbolise a breaking up with a loved one. 

yellow roses


White color usually symbolizes innocence and new beginnings. It is appropriate for use in different celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, baby born, funerals and other occasions. 

white roses

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