Traditions with flowers in different countries

Traditions with flowers in different countries

Traditions with flowers in different countries

All of us love flowers but every county has their own traditions related to them. 

Be aware of colours associated with funeral and mourning in the country you are visiting. In Britain, it is white lilies, in Hungary, lilies, roses and chrysanthemums. In Brazil, the mourning flowers colours are black and purple, in Japan they prefer lotus, lilies and camellias. 


The Japanese, in fact, have a whole language based around flowers, called Hanakotoba, so before presenting someone a bouquet, it is important to study the meaning of flowers. Red camellias and blue forget-me-nots mean love so stay away from giving them to colleagues, while cherry blossoms are associated with gentleness and kindness.

In Ukraine and Russia, the numbers of flowers should be presented in odd numbers, as this signifies joy and happiness in these deeply superstitious countries, as well as should be avoided excess of yellow flowers as these are kept for break up and funerals. Many European countries also follow the odd number tradition, however most of people are trying to avoid bouquets with 13 flowers. If you are going to visit your female friend in Italy, avoid lavender and hydrangeas, as they represent coldness.

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In Asia, the favourite flowers colour is red, it is symbolize luck and fortune, but try to avoid potted plant, as this signifies bound and restrictions. The most popular flowers among Chinese are peonies, especially on weddings. 

So as you can notice, every country has their own traditions and rules associated with flowers so before buying them it is important to learn about traditions in order do not be confused. 

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