The history of preserved flowers and the most interesting facts about them

The history of preserved flowers and the most interesting facts about them

As you know we are not only exporters of fresh flowers but we are also producers of preserved roses which last more than two years. Today we would like to reply to frequently asked questions about preserved roses and their storage conditions.

Nowadays preserved flowers are amazing gifts for St. Valentines Day, International Women’s Day, Birthday and other important dates in our life. We heard a lot of different stories how they were created the first time but the most popular story is the development of special technology of preserved roses in 1970th  by spouses Paul and Jeannette Lambert.

Ecuadorian preserved roses

According to some historical records, Paul brought a bouquet to his wife, which wilted after a couple of days and this fact was very disappointed to the woman. Paul promised to find a way to prevent the cut flowers against withering and the result of his efforts was heartwarming and beautiful. 

The average time of preserved roses life is more than 2 years but it is important to follow the simple rules how to take care of them. So the basic maintenance of preserved roses:

  1. Keep preserved roses indoors.

  2. Keep preserved roses out of humid places or environments.

  3. Avoid any contact of preserved roses with water.

  4. Do not expose preserved roses directly to sunlight. Preserved flowers should not be exposed to the sun for prolonged periods.

  5. Use a dry, cool air stream for cleaning.

  6. You shouldn’t press, bend or squash the petals or stems. They are delicate and can be damaged easily.

Preserved ecuadorian roses

These simple rules help to keep your preserved roses fresh and in a great conditions. If you have any questions about it please do not hesitate contact us and we will reply to your main questions.

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