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The Positive Effects of Flowers on Your Wellbeing

The Positive Effects of Flowers on Your Wellbeing

The Positive Effects of Flowers on Your Wellbeing

Our environment plays a critical role when it comes to our mood. All of us could have hard days and sometimes it becomes difficult to see the light in the darkness around us. Flowers and greenery can have a positive impact on our health, reducing stress and make us to feel happier. Multiple studies prove that flowers have a healing effect on those who receive them as a gift or keep them at home. People who have flowers at home feel less anxious, depressed and they usually more satisfied in life. 

Although all flowers boost our mood and give us feelings of joy, some of them have bigger impact on our wellbeing than others. 



The queen and the most beloved flower of all times, surrounded by symbolism and mythology. Everybody loves it for unbeatable beauty, delicate petals and a bright feminine aroma. Rose is considered a symbol of balance and stability. It expresses promise, new beginnings, and hope. 

As a study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology says, office workers who have roses on their desk feel more relaxed and comfortable in their work environment. The roses can also help to eliminate stress.


These modest and at the same time gorgeous flowers are only available during Spring time. The fact that they only bloom in this season, gives them the connection with welcoming warmth and new beginnings. The flowers are usually large with bright colours, generally red, pink, white, yellow and others. There are about 75 species of tulips that make them so popular among flower lovers. Their simple and sweet look is truly inspiring, and they are known to be able to brighten even the darkest days. 

Today the greatest number of tulips are grown in the Netherlands, but more and more tulips plantations occur around the world.


Hydrangeas are beloved for their bold blossom and vivid color. These romantic blooms have a soothing and cheering effect. Hydrangeas are so popular flowers now especially for weddings or as a gift for the beloved people. It is a fact that seeing the flowers bloom has a therapeutic effect on people. 

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How to care for preserved flower arrangements

How to care for preserved flower arrangements

preserved roses

If you have received preserved flowers as a gift or you are going to give it, you may be wondering how to take of them in order to keep them beautiful and in great conditions as long as possible. With proper care, preserved flowers can be kept for at least one year and up to three years. The rules of their maintenance are really easy and they do not require a lot of time. Here are some tips how to care of preserved flowers and save their perfect conditions as long as possible. 

What Do you need to do

Keep your preserved flowers in their original packaging 

When you received your flower arrangement, be sure to keep them in their original packaging. Attempting to remove the flowers from the package could destroy them so we highly recommend do not do it. The plastic or paper boxes will protect flowers against drafts, dust and other disturbances that may affect the flowers condition. Simply wipe the boxes of dust and enjoy their beauty long time. 

Сarefully remove dust from the flowers 

If your preserved flowers kept away from the box, you need carefully to brush the dust from them. It is important to do it gently in order do not to disturb the petals too much. As they can become more fragile. 


Put your preserved roses in direct sunlight 

Keep your preserved flowers away from the direct sunlight and windows. Sunlight will expedite the drying process and can discolor your flower petals.

Keep preserved roses in the area of high humidity

Preserved roses should be kept at low humidity and slightly below room temperature. Excessive humidity can take months off of the expected lifespan of your flowers.

Water your flowers

Exposure to water should be completely avoided as it will damage the petals and stems of preserved roses.

Following these simple rules, you will give long lifespan to preserved  flowers and could enjoy their beauty up to three years. 


Superb quality roses growing in the middle of the world

Superb quality roses growing in the middle of the world

Excellent Flowers´ farm is located in Cayambe (Ecuador) just 50 km from the capital of the country Quito and the location determines the main characteristics of flowers which we produce.

The special location of the farm provides the perfect conditions to grow the premium quality roses. The water for flowers comes directly from the mountain which is located in the same town and volcanic soil gives the possibility to grow amazing roses up to 2 meters height or even higher. All fertilizers we use are natural and it makes us unique as we do not use any chemicals for the flowers.  

Excellent flowers is a special place to work with positive atmosphere. All our employees work with a great mood and the flowers feels it and grow faster and it makes them stronger. If our workers are sad or do not have positive attitude they could not work that day and come to the farm when they feel better.


There is a big variety of roses which are growing on the farm but the main flower are roses. We have different kinds of roses but the most popular between our customers are Hermosa, White O´hara, Pink Mondial, Vendela, Topaz, Pink Floyd, Explorer etc. The roses have strong long stem and amazing buds.

Despite fresh flowers we also produce preserved roses which can last more than 3 years. The laboratory is located in a few minutes driving from the farm and it makes the process of work comfortable and smooth. We have a unique receipt of production the preserved roses but prefer to keep the process secretly in order to preserve the secret of eternal beauty forever. People on the lab work with passion, they love what they do, that is why our products are always associated with love and happiness. And those feelings are alive in every rose produced in our farms and labs in order to share this love and happiness with every person all over the world. Because our roses are being exported to every corner on the planet through our web sites www.wholesalepreservedroses.com for long lasting roses and  www.excellentflowersinc.com for fresh cut roses.

Written by

Kateryna Shur

History of Preserved Roses and Ecuadorian Preserved Roses

History of Preserved Roses and Ecuadorian Preserved Roses

Flower preservation has existed since early human history, although deliberate flower preservation is a more recent phenomenon.

For centuries in the Middle East, the bones of pre-historic man were discovered with delicate wild flowers probably as a tribute to a passing loved one. This is the evidence of deliberate use of specific flowers is indicated by the pollen grains that were present for the memory of these people. Flowers were also found in several Egyptian tombs. These flowers were approximated to be 4,000 years old.

During the sixteenth century medicinal nosegays began to give way to ornamental ones. Flowers essentially started to be used for decorative purposes such as jewels, fans and gloves. In England during the Elizabethan Age the once familiar ruff was replaced by soft lacy collars, and bosom flowers also became popular.

Later of these years out of the Victorian era grew the fascination of communicating with flowers carried in the nosegays. The idea of the language of flowers developed, when it was decided that giving and receiving a bouquet of flowers, when the flowers themselves carry a meaning, gives much greater pleasure.

Among centuries different process of preserved roses has been used:

Hanging flowers in ventilated area

Hot air drying in drying chamber

Silica gel drying

Molecular sieve

Freeze drying


Ecuadorian Preserved Roses

In Ecuador and specially in Excellent Flowers Inc our Preserved roses are 100% real flowers.

In order to produce the most beautiful preserved roses in the world which last more than three years. This is how we work in Excellent Flowers Inc.  To properly preserve these flowers, it's critical that your roses were cut when they are at their most beautiful.

For this reason, our beloved crew members work daily in order to produce in our farms the best roses in the world. The flowers are then put into a mixture of glycerin and other plant elements which are part of our secret process. This rehydrates the rose from its petals to its stem and replaces the sap within it. After this process we can offer to our beloved customers precious preserved roses which will last for years.