Preserved Sunflowers from Ecuador

Preserved Sunflowers from Ecuador

Preserved Sunflowers from Ecuador

Preservation of flowers is not a method available only for roses. You can preserve whole sunflowers of any size by using a number of methods, and in Excellent Flowers we choose the best sunflowers which have grown in our farms in order to convert them in eternal sunflowers.  

Preserved sunflowers

After a process elaborated to extend the vase life of the sunflowers and adding “flower food” to their water, the sunflowers will bloom expanding their petals to the maximum. It is just in this moment when we start to use our natural methods to convert these beautiful flowers in natural preserved sunflowers in our labs.

Cut the Stems

Just the heads of the flowers will be preserved through our preservation process. The stems required to be cut and preserved separately.


The process

It is necessary the replacement of all the vegetal fluids and humidity of the flower in order to dry it and replace it with our special recipe of natural products in order to keep the beauty of the flower for more than two years.

We are one f the few Ecuadorian companies which can preserve sunflowers and we export to the whole world one of the most beautiful flowers which will keep their beautiful and radiant color for several years.

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