Preserved Natural Roses from the Middle of the World

Preserved Natural Roses from the Middle of the World

Natural Preserved Roses

It is well known that Ecuador produces the best quality roses in the world because of its weather conditions on the highland´s valleys in this country.

For the absence of cold winters in this zone of the world and the eternal presence of direct sunlight in this zone of the world help the rose farmers in Ecuador to produce roses with longer stems and with bigger heads. Additionally, to all of these blessings,  modern grown technology permits to produce superb roses.


Preservation process:

In order to extend the beauty of these roses, Ecuadorian farmers have developed modern and natural methods to preserve real natural roses. Adding natural and organic products, working with a perfect drying system and placing the roses in a ventilated area, roses can be preserved in its natural form for years.

Preserving the roses permits to these fabulous roses last for more than three years with good care conditions.

In Excellent Flowers Inc our crew has been working for years producing the best preserved roses in the market, improving year after year the process of preservation, including new colors, new textures and sizes. For this reason, our catalogue of products includes a huge variations of roses, one more amazing than the previous one.

 Preserved roses

Care and Handling of Preserved Roses:

Preserved natural roses are very fragile and must be handled with care, please consider the following:

- DO NOT WATER, water will damage them.

 -Best if kept in a place with levels of humidity between 30-80%.

 - High humidity may cause color leakage, staining or other damage.

 - Avoid direct contact with clothes or fabrics as the color may run.

 - Keep away from direct sunlight to avoid color fading.

 - Preserved natural roses are nontoxic.


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