History of Preserved Roses and Ecuadorian Preserved Roses

History of Preserved Roses and Ecuadorian Preserved Roses

Flower preservation has existed since early human history, although deliberate flower preservation is a more recent phenomenon.

For centuries in the Middle East, the bones of pre-historic man were discovered with delicate wild flowers probably as a tribute to a passing loved one. This is the evidence of deliberate use of specific flowers is indicated by the pollen grains that were present for the memory of these people. Flowers were also found in several Egyptian tombs. These flowers were approximated to be 4,000 years old.

During the sixteenth century medicinal nosegays began to give way to ornamental ones. Flowers essentially started to be used for decorative purposes such as jewels, fans and gloves. In England during the Elizabethan Age the once familiar ruff was replaced by soft lacy collars, and bosom flowers also became popular.

Later of these years out of the Victorian era grew the fascination of communicating with flowers carried in the nosegays. The idea of the language of flowers developed, when it was decided that giving and receiving a bouquet of flowers, when the flowers themselves carry a meaning, gives much greater pleasure.

Among centuries different process of preserved roses has been used:

Hanging flowers in ventilated area

Hot air drying in drying chamber

Silica gel drying

Molecular sieve

Freeze drying


Ecuadorian Preserved Roses

In Ecuador and specially in Excellent Flowers Inc our Preserved roses are 100% real flowers.

In order to produce the most beautiful preserved roses in the world which last more than three years. This is how we work in Excellent Flowers Inc.  To properly preserve these flowers, it's critical that your roses were cut when they are at their most beautiful.

For this reason, our beloved crew members work daily in order to produce in our farms the best roses in the world. The flowers are then put into a mixture of glycerin and other plant elements which are part of our secret process. This rehydrates the rose from its petals to its stem and replaces the sap within it. After this process we can offer to our beloved customers precious preserved roses which will last for years.

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