Ecuadorian Roses Exportation – The best quality of roses in the world

Ecuadorian Roses Exportation – The best quality of roses in the world

Ecuador is worldwide recognized for its wonderful roses, especially those roses who have grown in the valleys of Tabacundo and Cayambe. But, what makes so special to these roses to be world famous?. Let´s going to talk about this.

Roses which grow bigger than any others.

Weather in the valleys of Ecuador permits to roses of this country grow bigger than roses from Colombia, Holland or Africa. Buds and blooms of Ecuadorian roses have a huge advantage in their size because of the weather in the Andean valleys of Ecuador. Thus, roses in Ecuador can get stems over five feet tall, which is a complete record around the world.

The long vase life of Ecuadorian roses.

The perishable rose vase life always remembers us how beauty is something temporary. But, what about roses that last more than any other?. Ecuadorian rose farms because of their special weather conditions on the middle of the world can provide beautiful roses that last longer than any other kinds of roses on the planet reminding fresh and perfumed for around four weeks so far.

Living in the middle of the world provides perfect conditions for roses.

Ecuador has a huge advantage in its conditions. Because it is located in the exact middle of the world, the weather is exactly the same for the whole year. Also, roses in Ecuador receive direct sunlight perpendicularly which helps to stems and blooms to grow longer and straight, receiving exactly the same quantity of light during the whole year. Artificial illumination in the farms is not required in Ecuador, also with no changes in weather conditions during the whole year in this country, thus farmers have roses with the largest blooms and longest stems.

More than 500 variations of roses in just one place.

Ecuador produces more than 500 varieties of roses with the most amazing colors, from natural colored roses to colorized roses with unique and extravagant designs. Local farmers and wholesalers offer these magnificent roses to the world. And recently Ecuador is exporting natural preserved roses using natural methods to preserve roses in the order they can last more than three years in good conditions of care. These natural preserved roses increase the options to enjoy the best roses in the entire world.

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