5 Interestings Facts About Sunflowers

5 Interestings Facts About Sunflowers

Many people can describe sunflower as yellow, tall and bright, but these classic sunflower imagery doesn’t provide the complete picture about this stunning plant. Sunflowers are dynamic because they grow in various shapes, sizes and colours. 

Use the following 7 facts about sunflower to let you learn more about it and some health benefits.


  1. Not all sunflowers are yellow

It is well known fact that most people believe that sunflower could be just yellow. However, a sunflower’s pigment doesn’t stop there. Sunflowers can even be red and purple.

Yellow Sunflowers 

Some examples of yellow sunflowers include American Giant, Zohar and Elegance. These sunflower types are vibrant and sure to make you smile. 

Red Sunflowers 

As all of us know, one of the popular flowers on earth are red roses. In addition to roses, many types of flowers are red, including some sunflowers. Red sunflowers come in different varieties. Some of them have similar to chamomile heads which are often born of the common yellow sunflowers. 

Purple Sunflowers 

A common purple sunflower is the Chianti Hybrid. It has bright dark red petals which some classify as purple. This sunflower plant can grow to five feet and has no pollen, making it good for cutting. 

  1. Sunflowers can range in height 

Despite of popular meaning that sunflower plants are giant, they are classified into two categories: tall and dwarf. Some sunflowers don’t get taller than two feet. 

Tall sunflowers are generally yellow and durable. Most of these sunflowers reach 12 to 16 feet tall and even higher. Regarding dwarf sunflowers, they are usually grow in clusters and immerse themselves in small gardens and pots. These sunflowers are classified as dwarfs because they tend to not grow taller than 3 feet. 

  1. Sunflower oil has an anti-inflammatory effect

The sunflower plant offers additional benefits alongside with beauty. Sunflower oil is suggested to possess anti-inflammatory effect. It contains linoleic acid which can convert into arachidonic acid. Both are useful with prevention of water loss and repair the skin barrier. 

  1. Sunflower oil can reduce cholesterol level in blood 

According to the scientist studies consumption of polyunsaturated fats can reduce cholesterol levels in blood. Sunflower oil contains high polyunsaturated fat, it is a great alternative to butter and has numerous health benefits.  This kind of fat additionally supply body with long chain fatty acids which are essential for the human body.

  1. The tallest sunflower is over 30 feet

Hans-Peter Schiffer from Karst, Germany is responsible for growing the giant 30 foot sunflower plant. This fact was confirmed by Guinness World Records on August 2014.

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